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Roselyn House School and The RHISE Service 

Violence in the Workplace Prevention Policy 


Zero tolerance 

KS Education Limited has a policy of zero tolerance for violence. If any employees engage in any violence in the workplace, or threaten violence in the workplace, their employment will be terminated immediately for gross misconduct. No talk of violence or joking about violence will be tolerated. 


If any students engage in any violence within school, or threaten violence, appropriate action will be taken by the Directors. This could involve calling the Police or an emergency meeting may be called with the Local Education Authority and parents and carers. Due to our students having Special Educational Needs in the form of Social, Emotional and Mental Health, it is at the Directors’ discretion as to the appropriate action to be taken. 


“Violence" includes physically harming another, shoving, pushing, harassing, intimidating, coercing, brandishing weapons and threatening or talking of engaging in those activities. It is the intent of this policy to ensure that everyone associated with this school, including employees and students, never feel threatened by anyone’s actions or conduct. 

Workplace security measures 

In an effort to fulfill this commitment to a safe work environment for employees, students and visitors, the following rules are in place:- 

  1. Access to KS Education Limited’s property is limited to those with a legitimate interest.  

  2. All visitors must sign in and display identification whilst on the premises. All visitors should also log their vehicle registration details. 

All weapons banned 

KS Education Limited specifically prohibits the possession of weapons by any employee, student or visitor whilst on the premises. This ban includes keeping or transporting a weapon in a vehicle in a parking area, whether public or private. Employees and students are also prohibited from carrying a weapon whilst off site for the purposes of educational visits. 

Weapons include guns, knives, explosives, and other items with the potential to inflict harm. Appropriate disciplinary action, up to and including termination, will be taken against any employee who violates this policy. Appropriate action will be taken against any Student (at the discretion of the Directors) who violate this policy. This could include contacting the Police.     


Desks, telephones and computers are the property of KS Education Limited. The Directors reserve the right to enter or inspect any area including, but not limited to, desks and computer storage pen drives, with or without notice. 

The copier and mail systems, including e-mail, are intended for business use.  Personal business should not be conducted through these systems. Under conditions approved by the Directors, telephone conversations may be monitored in the process of monitoring a high level of service to all students, parents/ carers and outside Agencies. 

Any private conversations overheard during such monitoring, or private messages retrieved, that constitute threats against other individuals can and will be used as the basis for termination for gross misconduct. 

Reporting violence 

It is everyone's business to prevent violence within School and The RHISE Service. You can help by reporting what you see around school that could indicate that another employee or student is in trouble. You are in a better position than the Directors to know what is happening with fellow employees and students. 

You are encouraged to report any incident that may involve a violation of any of KS Education Limited’s policies that are designed to provide a comfortable school environment. Concerns may be presented to the Senior Management Team. 

All reports will be investigated and information will be kept confidential. 

Training programmes 

As part of its commitment to preventing workplace violence, the company has established training programs for all employees. Training will be included as part of your induction.  Thereafter, you will be scheduled for refresher training when necessary. Employees that have contact with Students will be provided with Team Teach Training in positive handling. 

Please be advised that training is mandatory. 

Violence prevention team 

We have created a violence prevention team to create and implement our workplace violence prevention program. The team will also handle the consequences of any incidents of violence that we experience, providing assistance to employees and students.   

If you have suggestions for ways to improve the safety and security at work, please pass them along to the Directors. 

Risk Assessment 


All students have a Behaviour Management and Personal Handling Plan completed within their initial assessment period which clearly states:- 


  • Behaviour Details 

  • Proactive Control Measures 

  • Diffusion/De-escalation Techniques 

  • Reactive Control Measures 

  • Medical Conditions 

  • Planned Use of Restrictive Physical Interventions 

  • Positive Physical Intervention Strategies  

  • Preferred Handling Strategies 

  • De-briefing Process following Incident 

  • Recording and Notifications Required  


All students are individual and it is the responsibility of all staff to take the time to read the Behaviour Management and Personal Handling Plan for all students. 


It is the responsibility of the student’s individual mentor to ensure these are updated termly.     


Should staff have to use Team Teach positive handling, a Serious Incident Form must be completed. Staff need to obtain a number and a form from the Admin Team. Serious Incident data is reviewed termly by the Directors. 



June 2023 

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