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Non Attendance Protocol 



  1. Weekly attendance monitoring sheet to be completed by LM and passed to TH/JB to comment and send to RS. 


  1. When a student has not attended for 3 consecutive days LM to notify JB. Attendance Officer to make contact and arrange home visit. 


  1. If no contact by telephone Attendance Officer to undertake unannounced Home Visit. 


  1. If a student is not attending and an Intervention Plan is put in place – this needs to be recorded on Student PLP. 


  1. Intervention Plan details should be recorded on monitoring sheet including dates of engagement. 


  1. Following one month of intervention plan, if a student has not returned to School/RHISE the LEA will be notified. 


  1. Any students that are absent due to an incident and a Return Meeting required, this must take place within 1 week.   The LEA should be notified of this immediately. 


January 2023  

R.Smith and S.Damerall 

Reviewed June 2023 

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