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Student Council

The student council is an active part of of our school, compromising of 3 students in each group across Roselyn House School and The RHISE Centre. These reps are elected in September and across all Key Stages 3-5.


Reps meet every month to raise issues that students are having in school and explore ways to solve them. Staff also consult the Student Council with any ideas or projects they have, so the students can have a direct input in to how the school is run.


The Student Council regularly meets with the Senior Leadership Team to share ideas and projects they would like to see started within the school. Overall management of Student Council across the whole school is by Mr Tate with other staff running meetings within their groups.


There is also time at the end of PSHE lessons for all pupils to raise issues and share ideas. This makes the Student Council inclusive and accessible to all students at Roselyn House School. Student voice is highly sought after in Roselyn House School, and we encourage as many students as possible to make suggestions for ways to improve the school.


Two student council Reps are selected as Student Governors, to represent the Student Council for part of Governance Meetings.


Issues raised/ discussed/ implemented:


  • Suggestion box

  • Water bottles

  • School Uniform

  • Xmas Jumper/ Clothing Days

  • Mental Health Week

  • Fundraising for Hope Flowers School and St John’s Hostel

  • Hot meals

  • Letters to The Headteacher

  • Outdoor Education/ Enrichment activities

  • Development of outdoor space