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At RHISE we support young people who struggle to display the behaviour that is expected of them in schools. We strive to deliver an educational package that will provide the young person with the skills to succeed in a variety of educational and social settings, helping young people to understand and manage their own behaviour enabling them to embrace and overcome the challenges that they face.


The outcome for the young person is always our number one priority and with our experience we can produce a programme specifically targeted at the individual. We believe firmly in an integrated programme of education, health and social care which can only be achieved through working closely with professionals from all statutory agencies. We will work alongside the school helping them to develop behaviour plans that will enable the students to access the curriculum, we will incorporate the views of the families and carers whilst also being available to provide advice and support in behaviour management.

Special Education Needs School Individual

We have recognised the need for a flexible and creative approach to the education we deliver to our young people. This has developed into a comprehensive system of individualised packages which includes one to one learning, off-site learning, e-learning, therapeutic and vocational packages / programmes.

Individualised packages are now available to support young people who are on roll at mainstream schools. This may be to assist in supporting a young person in terms of SEN, curriculum attainment, low attendance, challenging behaviour, developing self-esteem, re-tracking or just that something different to help move them forward.

We have a team of staff who are experienced in the SEN environment and have confidence supporting young people who pose that additional challenge. We can match them to a variety of needs and offer individualised packages in Curriculum teaching, Literacy / Numeracy support, therapeutic activities and SEAL / Anger Management intervention. This is available on a need only basis.

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