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Roselyn House School / The RHISE Centre  


Serious Incident Procedure 



Should a serious incident happen during the school day, below is the structure that is to be followed: 



  • When a Serious Incident occurs that involves Physical Intervention (and all parties have moved through the crisis stage). 

  • The initial information will be logged on CPOMS and Mr Birkenhead and Mrs Mercer will be alerted to this. 

  • A one-line entry will be entered into the Serious Incident book by the Admin Team. 

  • The admin team will input this number and information onto the individual student’s serious incident sheet. This will be handed directly or emailed to the member of staff whom led the physical intervention. 

  • All staff involved are to complete the reporting process (within 24 hours). This is to include external phone calls. 

  • The Reflection, Repair and Rebuild process is to begin as soon after the incident as is feasibly and realistically possible (dependant on the student and the nature/ level of the incident). The incident must be reviewed by the student, members of staff involved and member of the SLT if required. 

  • Any Serious Incident Forms will be uploaded to CPOMS by Admin Team. 



Reviewed June 2023 

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